Commercial and industrial solar panel systems are similar to residential systems in many ways, they are just bigger.  Solar electric is scalable because it is modular.  A large solar electric system is, literally, comprised of a number of smaller systems.  Many times, in small or medium size commercial  systems,  say 50KW to 250KW, multiple smaller inverters are used to convert the electricity from many smaller individual arrays.

The main differences are in the connection to the building, and the rebates and incentives that are available.

Connection to the Building

Commercial projects involve increased involvement of the Dept. of Water and Power and the Building Department.  Since the production of the commercial systems can be so large, they are concerned with safety issues and with “how their infrastructure will handle the installed system.  Commercial systems require a more involved plan check, and meetings on site with DWP, during the design stages, during the installation, and at the completion of the project.  Signage and system components for disconnecting the system are much more rigorous.

Rebates and Incentives

are different because a commercial or industrial building is usually owned by a business, which allows for deductions that a person cannot use.  Some of these incentives include accelerated depreciation and the use of large tax credits.

Solar electric issues are somewhat different for commercial and industrial locations and we are currently updating the information on this website for those topics. You call us always with any of your commercial and industrial solar energy questions (818) 889-0440.