Interested in Solar Panels for your Home?

If you are considering adding a solar panel system to your home, you are in the right place. SolarTronics is a premier solar panel system installer in Southern California, and we are ready to answer any solar questions you might have, and to fulfill any of your solar panel needs.

To get more information on residential solar – including details on solar panel systems and specialty programs, as well financing options and details – feel free to visit the different areas of our site below.

Solar Panel Services and Products

Our solar panel products and services section covers topics such as system sizing, maintenance, energy efficiency, and warranties. These are some of the topics we must take into consideration when creating a system for your home.

Residential Solar Panel Financing

When financing a residential solar panel energy system, the topics include system pricing, purchase process, and solar panel leasing information. We cover a variety of details in this section, but will likely have more specific topics based on the details of your electrical usage.

Learn About Residential Solar

If you want to learn more about the various aspects of residential solar panel systems, we also have pages covering how solar energy systems work, solar technology trends and innovations, plus a Solar FAQ to help answer the various questions that invariably come up when interested in one of these systems.

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