Solar Lease

Solar leasing is a new, unique method of finance for residential solar electrical systems that has various benefits over a traditional “solar loan”. Solar leasing allows a homeowner to obtain all the benefits of a solar electric system while paying no money down.

One of the most economically sensible features of the solar lease is that in most cases, your lease payment is lower than what the system will save you in utility bills. This means that you can receive the benefits of having your electricity produced from PV modules, as well as be cash flow positive from day 1.

Simple Example of a Solar Lease:

Pre-solar lease electric bill: $118

Electric bill post solar lease: $11

Savings on electric bill: $107

Monthly Lease Payment: $61

If the monthly lease payment increased at 4.5% per year, and typical utility inflation is 6% per year


Cost of lease over 20 years: $22,813

Savings over 20 years: $44,432

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