Thousand Oaks Solar Electric Installation

Ah, Thousand Oaks.  I remember growing up as a boy in Calabasas and driving the 15 minutes to Thousand Oaks in the late 1960’s.  We all thought that Thousand Oaks was in the sticks.  But what a wonderful place to live and raise kids.  So why not keep it pristine?  Installing a solar electric system by Solartronics is one way of helping to keep the environment clean.

The process of your solar electric system installation in Thousand Oaks will begin with a free site evaluation.  Our highly trained staff will visit your property to determine the best location for the new solar panels.  We will be asking for a copy of your electric bill since it will tell us your annual usage and the “rate schedule” that you are on.   Our trained staff member will look for possible shading issues, since, if a panel is shaded, it won’t produce electricity. He will also look at your main electric service panel, since this is where you new solar electric system will be tied into the “grid”.

But that’s not all.  As another part of our process, while we are meeting with you, we will want to talk about Energy Efficiency.  Why?  Because if we can shave 10-20% off of your bill by simply making a few inexpensive upgrades to your lighting or other high electric usage, we can install a smaller solar electric system on your property, resulting in better results and a lower payment.

After the site evaluation we will have gathered the information we need to design the highest quality system.  As a part of our process, you will also be able to see the impact that the solar system will have on your bill.  A report will be assembled in which you will be able to see the financial and environmental impacts that the system will produce.  The report will have a lot of information, and so we generally request a second meeting where we can spend a few minutes discussing each aspect of the results, and answer questions that you may have.  This meeting is not meant to pressure you into making a commitment, we simply want to make sure that you understand the information.  We would prefer to engage you in an informative aspect, no pressure.

Once you have made the smart decision to convert your property in Thousand Oaks to solar energy, we will meet you again to sign the installation agreement and have you sign the rebate paperwork. Our agreements are easy to read, and yet contain important details about the solar installation process and most importantly, what is included………and what is not included.  We want all of us to be “on the same page”, before we start the work.  During the installation, if for some reason there is a change to our agreement, we will produce a change order for that increase or decrease in the agreement amount.  We will require both parties to sign this agreement, before any work proceeds.  This is a very important part of our process.

During the installation process, our staff will respect you property and its occupants.  We will ask you questions about when we can start work each day, if there is a time when you need quiet during a particular day, a location that we can store the new solar panels and equipment, and other items that we should know, before we start the work.  We will maintain a high level of communication throughout all of these processes.

So now your solar electric system in Thousand Oaks has been installed, and you are enjoying the financial benefits of going solar, as well as doing your part by using renewable energy generation.   But, it is not over. Our process also includes post installation assistance.  For a small fee, we will also offer maintenance and monitoring service.  We will clean your panels for you and monitor your system performance on a year by year basis.  This way, we can maximize the solar electric system’s performance, and we get to see you once in a while.