“Unidentified Floating Objects” Are The Off-Grid Homes Of The Future

Technology has become so advanced nowadays that we often take it for granted. Airplanes make it easy to travel anywhere in the world on a day’s notice. Solar energy is becoming more and more common, paving the way for a greener tomorrow. And don’t even get me started on that black magic called “FaceTime.” Whether we realize it or not, the future is now, but that doesn’t mean we won’t keep moving forward. So, what does the next step in the future look like? Just ask Italian yacht maker Jet Capsule.

Jet Capsule recently unveiled their plans for a futuristic home called the “UFO,” or “unidentified floating object.” As the name implies, this yacht/tiny home hybrid will float in the middle of the ocean, relying on solar panels, wind turbines, and a filtration system to provide it with clean water and electricity. Before you get too excited and try to buy one (assuming you have an extra hundred thousand dollars laying around) you should know that the UFO isn’t on the market right now.

The images you are about to see are concept art meant to showcase the UFO’s impressive features. Nevertheless, the idea of more people living “off-grid” in sustainable pods is pretty exciting, so we hope that Jet Capsule’s development process goes smoothly. Scroll down to get a closer look at these neat “UFOs” in action.

The UFO’s power will come from solar panels and wind turbines on its surface.

As you can see, it’s divided into two floors: one above the surface and one below.

Worried about capsizing? Each UFO will come equipped with an elastic anchor to provide stability during bad weather.

Jet Capsule estimates that the UFO will travel at speeds of around 3.5 knots, or 4 mph.

The UFO measures 20 feet from top to bottom.

Fully customizable, the UFO is like your personal private island, minus all the palm trees.

Each UFO will have a diameter of 40 feet.

Imagine how nice it will be to look out at the ocean while preparing dinner in your kitchen.

Yes, that’s a flower you see outside. There will be plenty of space to plant vegetables on the UFO’s outer ring.

The area below the surface has ample room to play, sleep, and learn. There aren’t many better ways to experience ocean life.

Here, you can take a closer look at what each layer has to offer.

Now, the most important question: does it have Wi-Fi?

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