We all hear talk about being “green”.  What does that mean?    Some will say that it means using re-usable shopping bags, some will say it means carpooling or riding their bike to work, and others will say it means installing a renewable power source on their home or business.  They are all correct.

 Being green is a state of mind, and it is infectious.  It starts small, like taking the extra steps to drop the soda can in the recycle bin or buying beauty products that are made from natural ingredients.  It then morphs into turning lights off in unoccupied rooms and not purchasing water in little plastic bottles.  Then you find yourself at the store buying Energy Star appliances and efficient light bulbs.   It can entail only buying fruit and vegetables that are grown with organic fertilizers and no pesticides, or planting a small garden.  Eventually, some will buy a hybrid or electric car or install a solar electric or water heating system.  Whatever the case, “Being Green” will grow on you.

 The key is to start with something small, and make it a habit, a routine.  Recycling costs nothing and you will be surprised as to the amount of things that can be recycled and re-used.  Start by reading the recycling pamphlet that comes with your trash bill, or go online and investigate.  That will tell you what can be recycled and you will be surprised as to how many thing they will accept.

 So start today, take baby steps, one thing at a time.  In a short amount of time, you will find that it is pretty easy and often inexpensive to “Be Green”.  And it feels good too!


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