“What size solar electric system do I need, if my house is 2,000 square feet?”  This is the question that we are asked, more than any other question.  The reality is that the solar electric system size has nothing to do with the size or square footage of your home.  It is strictly based on the amount of electricity that you use (kilowatt hours), each month.

In order to properly size your solar electric system, we will need copies of your electric bills.  On your bill, each month, there is information on how many kilowatt hours you have used.   If you look closely at the months throughout the year, you will see that you use more power in the summer than in the winter since your air conditioning uses a lot of electricity to operate.  If you don’t have AC, then your winter months will be higher bills, since your lights come on earlier in the evening.  Either way, we will need to see a full year of your bills so we can see how much electricity you use throughout the year.

SCE or the DWP uses a method called “Net Metering” to figure out how to compensate you for the power that use produce.  However, if your solar electric system produces more electricity than you use throughout the year, they will not pay you for that over-production, at least not fairly.  So, we want to size a solar electric system to bring your bill right down, as close to zero, as possible, but not any further.

We do this by inputting your kilowatt hour usage for each month of the year, into our software program.  We can then select a solar electric system size and look at what it does to your bill, and see the rate of return on investment.  If you are looking at leasing, then we can tell you what your new, reduce payment will be.

So you can see that the solar electric system size has nothing to do with the size of your house.  For more information, visit our web page What size solar electric system do I need.  



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