Well, you hear these solar guys on the radio, you get knocks on your door, and see them at home shows.  Solar guys (installers and salesmen)…..everywhere.   The reason is that there is a strong, incentivized push from local and Federal Governments to try to “Green Up” the country.  And the solar guys are following the lead.

So the industry has cash flow, in the amount of $40 billion annually, in the US alone.  The industry has grown, thanks to the incentives, to almost double its gross sales every year, and is expected to grow another 30% this year.  Along with that growth come mechanics and entrepreneurs who see opportunities that exist now, and in the future.

So, who are these solar guys.  Well, they range from mega corporations, to family owned small businesses.  In California alone, that equates to over 25,000 solar related jobs for solar guys.  They vary from guys who get a NABCEP certification http://www.nabcep.org/ , to contractors who see an opportunity in a growing industry.   And of course, there are always the high pressure sales entrepreneurs, whom may or may not, know much about solar at all.

The best company to choose depends on what you want during the sales process and during and after the installation.  With larger players you will receive a very high level of sales contact, but less communication than you will get with a smaller business.  The high pressure sales firm, some of which subcontract the installation to another company, will be gone after the installation is complete……..it is all about the sale to them.  Many of the installers, we call “onesy, twosy’s” , because they have only installed one or two jobs, but continue to market and bid jobs.  So here are some things to look for:

–get references phone numbers from past jobs that you can call and talk to

–check the status of their contractor’s license with the Contractors Board https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/CheckLicense.aspx

–ask for a copy of their workers compensations insurance

–ask specific questions about the installation, location of the equipment, attachment of the panels to the roof, and water-proofing (where the racking connects to the roof).

–or you can contact us at (818) 889-0440 to ask for a larger list of interview questions and talk to our solar guys.

At Solartronics, we offer a higher level of communication, during our initial contact and with the details that we offer in design, including our clear and detailed contracts.  Our  sister company, Mulick Construction and Design, Inc., has been doing business in Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Malibu and the San Fernando Valley for over thirty years.  So we know what it takes to win your loyalty and referrals.   At Solartronics, we offer a maintenance and monitoring service that keeps

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